Laksawi Group

Laksawi group is having a complete dedicated supply of organic spices and Herbs from the cultivation, processing & export . We ensure that the best of quality spices reach our valued customers, by adhering to the best quality control & process control systems. Quality of our spices is reflected in our products.

Organic Spices & Herbs

Ceylon spices posses’ very specific aroma and flavour when compared to the spices grown in other regions. Quality Ceylon spices are carefully processed and packed to preserve the best aromatic and flavor properties. Laksawi spices are delivered to our valued customers in bulk form, consumer packs form and specialized packing known as spicy gifts.

Small Farmer Products

Our organic products are cultivated by Small organic farmers. All our spice farmers are mainly gathered in the central highland of the country. Farmers are organized as independent farmer group called LESFA viz Lanka Ecological Small Farmers' Association.

Fair trade Principle

All agricultural projects are developed not only focusing on the continuous supply but also focusing on the socio-economic development of the team members.
We welcome all interested initiatives to join hands, in assisting the disadvantaged primary farmers help themselves, by providing more opportunities to sell their organic produce, produced under well equipped processing facilities.



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