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About Us

The Company

Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd was established to fulfill the ever growing Organic Spice and Tea demand worldwide, by having its own dedicated supply chain consisting of small organic farmers.

All farmers are grouped under the farmer organization “LESFA” viz., Lankan Ecological Small Farmers' Association. The Laksawi field agricultural staff gives continuous advice to farmers to improve their lands using organic agricultural practices.

Our own processing unit fulfills International Organic Standards and Quality Standards. The Qualified production and Quality Management team guarantees the end product is of high quality, maintaining hygienic conditions and ensuring the natural flavors and aroma of the products are preserved.

Organic Spice and Tea are the main product groups handled by Laksawi. These products are available to our customers in bulk as well as value added form. Based on individual customer requirements, packing is also done under the Laksawi roof to suit these individual requirements.

Logistic Office in Zurich

Our customers are the most important asset to us. That is why we planned our business in such way that even the requests of small clients are well respected and addressed by laksawi. To reach that task we activated the logistic office in Forchstrasse , Zürich, Switzerland., where we have the facility for storage of spices with controlled atmosphere to maintain the quality of the spice even with the bad whether conditions.
Computerized stock control module enables us to clear separation of each and every product which are packed to meet the different quality standards of the customers from different sectors of the organic spice market.

By having the office in the Centralized location in the Europe we are having the advantage of handling very low minimum order quantities because of the consignment planning are done to minimize the freight charges.
Client are invited to visit our office to meet us personally and discuss the personalized issues with respect to consignment arrangement and order confirmation. Product display corner of the office ill give our valued customer a more realistic picture about the product range and the quality of the products. This featured were added to our business in order to encourage new trading partners to the business where by the benefits of the organic food