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q9k, k5o, s, f, 81k, Charity Services

The focus of LAKSAWI is not only on quality organic products but also on elevating the living standards of the primary producers. The main reason for that is to protect the farmers from exploitation by the middleman and to guarantee a fixed income for their agricultural produce.

Farmers are the initial link of our valued supply chain and as the first objective we should protect them in order to guarantee the sustainability of the trade. Our other objective is helping the farmers and their family members to upgrade their living standards. The ultimate goal is to provide a better future for the next generation.
Socio economic development can be measured by using so many indices developed by the economic specialists. But visual impact of the development at the primary producers’ level can be seen and realized only by having a direct link with the producer members and in seeing their happy faces.


We welcome all interested initiatives to join hands with the disadvantaged primary producers and help them to help themselves, by providing more opportunities to sell their produce.


Farmer members are dedicated to create a better world for their children even through alot of hardships. It is our social responsibility to bridge the gap to make the effort easy by creating opportunities to them to reach their goals. The earning capacity of the farmers is hardly adequate to meet their daily subsistence of  investing on their land development & children education etc.


Terms and Conditions