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mfh, t27, r4, 4z, dg, 9, pc, fg, 09n, 3, ac, l9o, 9, tt, o, h, 7vp, se, Terms and Conditions

Changes of Policies
Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd can change its online sales policy at any time without prior notice.
In case Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd, changes any of its online sales policies, the online sales Policies in effect at the time the order was placed will apply.

Secure Check Out
Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd, has a secure online checkout that follows industry standards
for online processing of credit card and PayPal orders.
Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd, does not capture or store card data.

Order Processing
Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd, Order Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your order for any reason up until the time it ships.
If you want to cancel your order, contact Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd, Customer Service (see the " Contact Us " page) and let us know that you wish to cancel the order.
If we receive you request to cancel an order before it has shipped, you receive a 80% refund of the purchase price.
If we receive your request to cancel an order after the order has shipped, There will be no refund.

International Orders  
Laksawi Group (Pvt) Ltd can now accept online international orders from most countries.(mention using a link)
Any applicable government tariffs, rules, regulations, and restrictions will apply to
these orders & it would be the buyers responsibility to be aware of such charges.

Shipping Costs only include freight charges & any othe taxes/tariffs are customers responsibilty.