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Quality Policy
With the help of our experts' knowledge on processing technology, we guarantee customer satisfaction, to ensure the specific quality aspects of our food are channeled to the end user. The quality of food is an important component, and for us at Laksawi it is our strength, therefore our main focus is on quality. Our key point is already established, by our strong customer base.

We ensure that the food processing environment is as hygienic as possible, in order to produce the most hygienically safe food to our valued consumer. The entire process line is audited and certified by the International Organic Inspection and Certification bodies. In addition, we also give priority to product traceability. The Laksawi quality assurance team also focuses on correct labeling, to ensure our labels contain the correct ingredients, specifications and nutritional information of our products.

Quality Management System

We ensure that the best of quality spices reach our valued customers, by adhering to the best quality control & process control systems. The quality assurance system is in progress to get the globally recognized endorsements to our products and the quality management system. Our goal is to produce the most hygienically safe food while protecting the best natural properties such as flavor, aroma, and the natural colour of spices to our valued consumers.
The Laksawi top management is dedicated to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in order to keep the consistency of the management and quality control system of the company. All the organic spices manufacturing processes are clearly defined and controlled under the supervision of a qualified production staff. All production staff are well trained to carry out laid down procedures, documentation and record keeping in a professional manner.