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LESFA


All organic Farmers are clustered under one umbrella organization named LESFA. The main objective of establishing this is to improve the top to bottom & vice versa communication flow in the company and empower the farmers by giving them more bargaining power. With this new farmer organization they sit with the company management team to talk about issues and improve the relationship.

A QUOTE from a farmer: “Earlier we sold our products through the middle man and we had to sell them at rates lower than the market prices. Now we have a company and we know the prices we will get for our products. We get training from the Laksawi field extension team on how to improve the quality of the harvested spices. Better quality products always get better prices.”

LAKSAWI focuses not only on the quality of organic products but also on elevating the living standards of the primary producers. The main reason for this is to protect the farmers from exploitation by the middleman and to guarantee a fixed income for their agricultural produce.

Farmers are the initial link of our valued supply chain and as the first objective we must protect them to guarantee the sustainability of the trade. The other objective is to helping the farmers and their family members upgrade their living standards. Our ultimate goal is to provide a better world for the next generation.

Socio economic development can be measured by using so many indices developed by economic specialists. But the visual impact of the development at the primary producers' level can be seen and realized only by having direct contact with the producer members and seeing the contentment in their faces.

We welcome all interested parties to join hands with the disadvantaged primary producers and help them help themselves by providing more opportunities to sell their

produce and help their children to have a better future.