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Supply Chain

Laksawi has established a dedicated supply chain consisting of small and medium scale spice growers. All the farmers are certified organic farmers and their lands are rich in bio and crop diversity.

All farmers are grouped under the farmer organization “LESFA” viz., Laksawi Ecological Small Farmers' Association. 90% of the farmers depend on agri based income sources and their living standards are at a marginal level in comparison to the national level. Individual spices farmers have been exploited by the middleman throughout history. Having a farmer's organization empowers them to take decisions on behalf of their agri produce, due to this the bargaining power for their quality produce is with the farmers.

Ecological farming was in Sri lanka from the inception of farming. During the Era of the Kings all agricultural practices were focused on the holistic approach and the farmers believed the sun and moon influenced their crops. They adopted ancient knowledge for soil fertility and pest management. Farmers practiced NAKATH and KHEM (auspicious time) to protect their crops from wild animals like wild boar and elephants.

Spices farmers in Sri lanka are mainly gathered in the Central highland of the country. This region receives good sunlight and rain fall throughout the year with two main peak seasons. This affects the spice that is produced, which achieves a very specific aroma and flavour when compared to the spices grown in other regions of the country. Spices are grown in a home garden pattern which is known as “ Kandyan Forest Gardens ”. This system is almost similar to the eco system of the natural forest, where it maintains a good balance of the soil nutrient, high crop productivity and sustainability of the system.