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Spice & Herbs Gift Packs

Spice - Gift Packs

Gift Packs
These products add more value to the products since it is symbol of social responsibility of the valued customers. Products are presented in more attractive packaging and all the packing types are sourced from the disadvantaged producers.

Our specialized packaging (Spicy gifts) is another project developed by the project management team in order to help the hand crafted environmentally products to the global customers. These packing are re usable and carries the traditionally arts where it gives extra value for you.

Ola Boxes

Hand made packing done by the women in the dry zone borders of Sri lanka.
Spices are packed as individual items as well as in composite packs. The packing can be re used again and again for any domestic purposes.

Hand Made Recycle Pouches
These pouches are available in different colours. Recycle papers are used in packing whole spices and powders spices.

Wooden Packing
Cylindrical shapes and oval shape items are made out of Kitul Timer (Plant: Caryota urens ). Small hand operated circulating blades are used by the skilled craftsmen.

Lacquer Items

Utilizing colored lacquer to decorate a variety of wooden articles & lacquer craftsmen paint painstakingly accurate designs. Lac is a resin exuded from certain trees after it has been punctured by the 'lac' insect. The resin is plucked from the bark, melted down, strained through muslin and worked like pulling sugar. Ceylon spicy gifts are packed in this traditional lac boxes.