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kur, 1, lj, n, g, rk, s50, yt, ju, ox6, Lemongrass

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)

Lemongrass is a perennial herb with long, sharp-edged blades. It grows in dense clumps best in tropical climates. The fresh stalks and leaves have a clean lemon like odour and are due to the presence of an essential oil. Mainly Lemongrass is cultivated for oil distillation and to use as flavouring in cooking.

Other names:
English :Lemon grass
French : herbe de citron
German : Zitronengras
Italian : erba di limone
Spanish : hierba de limon
Sinhalese : sera

Dehydrated leaves in different cut sizes /lengths

Uses & Functional properties
The grass is considered a diuretic, tonic and stimulant. It promotes good digestion, and a preparation of lemon grass with pepper has been used for relief of menstrual troubles and nausea. It induces perspiration, to cool the body and reduce a fever. This is widely used in savory dishes and meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable curries.