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g, hu6, 13t, hpe, j40, it, uzj, 50, o, Vanilla

Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia)

Vanilla grows as a vine climbing up an existing tree, pole, or other support. It can be grown in a wood, in a plantation, or in a "shader", in increasing orders of productivity of the land. The vanilla orchid flower itself is scentless. When harvested, vanilla beans are green, odorless and flavorless. It takes months of curing, fermenting and drying to produce the dark brown, nearly black color and characteristic fragrance. This true vanilla requires extensive hand-processing, and is therefore expensive.

Though there are many compounds present in the extracts of vanilla, the compound vanillin is primarily responsible for the characteristic flavor and smell of vanilla. Another minor component of vanilla essential oil is piperonal. Piperonal and other substances affect the odour of natural vanilla.

Other Names:
English : Vanilla
French : vanilla
German : Vanille,
Italian : vaniglia
Spanish : vainilla
Sinhalease : vanilla

Vanilla cured beans/ pods

Uses & Functional properties
Vanilla’s mellow fragrance enhances a variety of sweet dishes: puddings, cakes, custards, creams, soufflés and, of course, ice cream. Vanilla was considered an aphrodisiac.